In terms of the way a to-do list is genre

Go to yourself fully and never inquire again.

Put a little bit of skin into the painting, step away, and cock your head.

Check it off the to-do list and move on.

Stop lingering baby girl.

Start moving from top to bottom without thinking too much.

Start moving like a woman.

Take a back bend over the to-do list, check off new perspectives.

Upside-down, blood rushing to your head, hair dusting the tile,

belly-facing-up…check off reorganize. This is how to move like a woman. 

You have a cute belly button, believe it.

Your waist is private terrain and you were given muscles to hike; 

place your own hands there, feel how woman it is to be a mountain.

Place your hands there, check off intimacy. 

This is a please seat yourself life. 


On Saturday morning I met my father for breakfast.

The sign read please seat yourself.

Every booth was taken. 

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