Jacket Collection

May 8th, 2020

Song: Je Cherche Un Homme by Eartha Kitt

  1. Mom’s Hand-Me-Down: plaid blazer with elbow patches and silver buttons
  2. Roman Denim: jean jacket from a thrift store in Rome, Italy (perfect for a night cap on a cool evening)
  3. A Night Out: collarless leather jacket, to be worn with jeans and sneakers or a leather skirt and heels
  4. Eccentric French Grandma: floral blazer with velvet lining from a local thrift store
  5. Macklemore’s Favorite: found in a second hand shop in London, lined with satin
  6. Rock & Roll & Chic: also found in one of London’s second hand shops, gives the allusion that you own a Harley Davidson
  7. Bathrobe with Class: tan trench coat, worn in Rome, pairs best with an all-black outfit underneath, similar design to a bathrobe
  8. “I work at a publishing house in London” blazer: plaid blazer, very literary, pairs best with a chunky book like War & Peace by Tolstoy
  9. Red Wine Fein: again, found in a second hand shop in London, perfect for buying red wine and dark chocolate from the liquor store down the street
  10. Great-grandmother with a big sassy attitude: my great-grandmother’s favorite wool jacket, from the Sachi collection, still smells like her perfume

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