Excerpt from “I’m A Virgin, Not A Hero”

“…I don’t drink pop unless I’m at a college party hosted by college boys. I’ve found that girls offer more options when they host. At least they provide a white wine or two. I took small, methodological sips of the Sprite and Malibu mixture. I had taken off my jean jacket and slunk it over my arm. A black spandex tank top, tucked into black jeans was what I decided to wear that night. I read an article once on how to convince a man that you’re irresistible. It offered a lot of interesting tips on seduction. To be effortless, it read, wear your sexiest lingerie as everyday undergarments. That way, whenever he undresses you, you are already prepared. It also said that exposing your shoulders and lower back is much more intriguing than cleavage. It was an article out of Vogue written by a Parisian woman named Séverine so I took the words as scripture…”

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